Competitions & Awards

I started competing in 2005, only 3 years into my career, and the main aim was to improve my grooming. I loved the buzz and atmosphere, but I never though I was a competitive person until I started competing.

Every time you enter you have 2  - 2 ½ hours of peace and quiet to create your perfect groom, perfection never comes but it definitely helps you to strive for perfection.

I have won many 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the UK  and in Europe.  I have won a Best Scissor work in show and I am privileged to have won a Competitions of Champions which resulted in my picture on the  front cover of Total Groomer magazine.

I have competed in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, Poland and Germany, and hopefully more countries will be added to the list in the very near future.

Some of our beautiful trophies and rosettes.



Voted one of the top 5 training schools in the UK 4 years running.
(Mastergroom Industry awards)


Dee nominated top groomer in the UK 2016.


  • Dee nominated in the top 5 groomers of the years 2015.
  • Premier groomer of the year 2015
  • Best In show DGV Germany 2015